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Beck Real Estate Kft is a Hungarian company with American ownership and management. It buys large apartments in 19th century buildings in Budapest’s center and renovates them to a very high standard for long term rent using expert artisans and a well respected Hungarian interior designer, Judit Koczoh. Unlike the competition, Beck Real Estate is debt free. We are an island of financial strength in a sea of financially fragile competitors.

Our company creates beautiful, highly comfortable, and energy efficient apartments that will add grace to your life. These luxury apartment rentals are available long term (minimum 3 months) and at the right price for sale. Our customers have included oil company executives, UN employees, independently wealthy businessmen and film production employees among others. Our apartments are very popular in the expat community.

Unlike the dull, monochrome so-called luxury apartments so prevalent today, our beautiful flats emphasize traditional Eastern European elegance spiced with bold color in the furniture and accessories. We preserve as much as possible the original features of these 120 year old apartments, but introduce more modern furniture to create an eclectic look. Consequently, Beck Real Estate apartments are aesthetically unique. Luxury apartment rentals like ours cannot be found elsewhere in Budapest. The company’s success in this regard has led to its flats being featured in,, and the 2014 Fall edition of Nők Lapja, the leading Hungarian home journal.

We believe that beauty without comfort is like a champagne that sparkles, but tastes flat. In contrast, our long term luxury rentals are designed not just for photo opportunities or la belle image, but for everyday living. Each apartment includes a 24/7 energy frugal PassivHaus ventilation system. This technology monitors and maintains air quality by constantly bringing in fresh air, filtering it, and keeping temperature and humidity within narrow limits. All our apartments have huge storage space in the form of cabinets containing clothing bins, moveable shoe racks, and coat racks. Most rooms have at least ten power sockets as well as two data outlets. High performance double glazed windows keep the flats very quiet as well keeping heat out during the summer and in during the winter.

Hungary is a country with a voracious appetite for energy. The winters are usually cold and the summers very warm, yet most energy is imported. In the interest of protecting your bank account as well as the environment, Beck Real Estate’s apartments are energy frugal. This is achieved by installing double or triple glazed windows with specially insulated frames, state of the art condensation gas boilers, retrofitted entrance doors to minimize air leakage, and high efficiency rated appliances. The 30 centimeter solid brick building walls do the rest. Tenants are seeing combined gas and electricity charges averaging as low as 30 Euros a month in apartments exceeding 80 square meters.

Finally, Beck Real Estate understands that a happy buyer is the best marketing. Our apartments are designed to last for many decades without major repairs or renovation. We cannot guarantee that no repairs will be necessary, but we can guarantee that each apartment was renovated according to best industry practice.

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